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Diversity and dedication.

Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing, Inc. (NAMI) and Business Developement Center (MI) are part of the Nisshinbo Group, consisting of 59 subsidiaries and 40 affiliates worldwide. Nisshinbo was established in 1907, when it was producing yarns and threads. In the 1940s, Nisshinbo was called upon to manufacture automotive friction materials and developed a process using woven fabric embedded with friction material. As the automobile has evolved, so have Nisshinbo brakes and friction materials to serve diverse applications in the global transportation market. Nisshinbo continues the evolution with a library of more than one thousand different recipes, each specific to customer applications.

North American operations are dedicated facilities serving OEM transportation manufacturers in the NAFTA market. NAC, located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, provides team management, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities. NAMI is Nisshinbo's state-of-the-art facility located in Covington, Georgia. Together these facilities produce high-quality friction materials and logistical support to serve transportation manufacturers.

Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing, Inc. (NAMI)
297,500 square feet on 72 acres
307 employees
Production began in March 1999
Business Developement Center (BDC)
54,000 on 4.2 Acres
14 Employees
Production Began in October 1997

Longevity serving the transportation market has refined Nisshinbo's role as a manufacturer of premium quality friction materials. Issues driving supplier performance, quality programs, lean manufacturing processes, and continuous product improvements are an integral part of Nisshinbo's corporate culture.

Logistical support to customer engineering and prototyping is notable with Nisshinbo. Whether the process serves prototyping "in development" or answers an "in-process" problem, Nisshinbo works with customers to achieve performance and pricing goals.


Nisshinbo manufactures non-asbestos organic (NAO) friction materials that demonstrate material advantages, including good judder performance, low noise and creep groan, and performance with minimal dust.

Nisshinbo's facilities represent advanced technology and material processing. Integrated in the production of friction materials are numerous quality control measures for monitoring product and process.

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